Thursday, December 8, 2011

How To Take Screenshots from Word, Excel, PowerPoint inbuilt Tool

Microsoft Office 2010 has this amazing Built-In Screen Capture Tool through which screen shots of the currently open windows can be taken easily and attached in the document.

Taking Screenshots in Microsoft Office Word 2010 using inbuilt tool :

Step 1: Open a document in Microsoft Office Word 2010. Navigate to Insert tab
Step 2: Click on Screenshot button to take screenshot of active windows.

Tips: If you want to take a full snap of those active windows, then select the windows from the list.
Screen Clipping option can be selected to take a screenshot of selective area only and you can select the area to take screenshot.

  Step 3: Save the screenshot on your computer by right click on image & selecting Save as Picture from menu

You can use Screenshot feature on other applications like PowerPoint and Excel on Office 2010. Here is the location of Screenshot Tool in these applications.
For Powerpoint 2010: Navigate to Insert tab.Click on Screenshot button.

For Excel 2010: Navigate to Insert tab.Click on Screenshot button .

 Tips: All the screenshots will be copied to the Microsoft Office Word document 

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