Friday, December 2, 2011

How To Crop Pictures In MS Word 2010

Insert a picture by clicking on picture button under Insert tab. As soon as picture gets inserted Format tab under Picture Tools will be appeared.
If it does not appear then you can click on the inserted image. Under Format tab click on Crop. You would come into cropping mode and using your mouse you can drag and drop, to remove the unwanted area in the picture, from any of the four corners or from any of the four sides.
In office 2007, when we used to crop any picture the unwanted part became unseen, which could make it tough to rapidly see the finest way of cropping a picture. The new thing that I observed in office 2010 is that the cropped area would remain there in semi-transparent form until you accept the changes. To accept this term, click anywhere on the document.

Note: If you want that the picture should be cropped from all four sides/corners evenly than use CTRL key along with your mouse and start dragging from any of the corners or sides.


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